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Residential Volunteer Coworkers

Young people from all over the world volunteer at Camphill Special School as residential volunteer coworkers. They are compassionate, intelligent, and hard-working, lending cultural diversity, many different talents, and a great deal of love to our community.

Residential volunteer coworkers are welcomed to the School at the end of August every year. After a week-long orientation, they plunge into lives either at the Children’s Village at Beaver Run or The Transition Program at Beaver Farm, under the supervision of experienced long-term coworkers who have made a commitment to the community, its way of life, and our students.

Residential volunteer coworkers assist with:

  • Caring for the houses they live in
  • Preparing meals for the household
  • Assisting teachers in classroom settings
  • Supporting teachers in pre-vocational workshops for high school students
  • Celebrating community festivals
  • Direct personal care for children
  • Helping students to enjoy life

A Typical Coworker's Day at...

New residential volunteer coworkers attend orientation sessions in August before students arrive.

Coworker Benefits

During their time at Camphill Special School, residential volunteer coworkers receive room and board, health insurance, a modest monthly stipend, and a strong sense that they have made a difference in the lives of our children.


For a complete description of the qualifications needed to become a residential volunteer coworker, please visit the Camphill.org website.

AmeriCorps Program

Many of our young American coworkers come to us through the AmeriCorps Program. Learn more about the potential benefits of becoming a coworker by participating in AmeriCorps.





Studying Curative Education

During their first year, residential volunteer coworkers participate in a course of study as an introduction to curative education and the Camphill philosophy. Coworkers staying for the entire year may apply to participate concurrently in the first year of the Camphill School of Curative Education and Social Therapy. After completion of the first year, coworkers are awarded a Certificate in Foundation Studies in Anthroposophy and Curative Education and may continue their studies to pursue full professional certification and BA degree options.

How to Apply

Applications are processed through the Camphill Association of North America. Visit their website to apply online or download the forms.
Apply online at Camphill.org

You can mail forms to:
Residential Volunteer Coworker Admissions
Camphill Special School
1784 Fairview Road
Glenmoore, PA 19343

For more information, email us or call 610.469.9236.

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