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Residential Volunteers and Interns

Residential volunteers and interns from diverse backgrounds come from around the globe to live, work, and learn alongside Camphill Special School staff members, called coworkers, and children and youth with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Our residential volunteers and interns are intelligent, compassionate, and enthusiastic, bringing a wide variety of gifts and skills to our community and the young people and children they work with.

Prospective residential volunteers and interns should learn about the Camphill way of life which demands full immersion with some sacrifice of privacy and free time in return for a profound experience of humanity, relationships, and the true meaning of “service.”

Read: "Have the Experience of Your Life at Camphill Special School: Volunteer Gap Years, Internships, Professional Qualification and a (Debt Free!) Bachelor’s Degree" by Jan Christopher Goeschel from WaldorfToday.com.

Life at Camphill is an intensive and transformative experience

Volunteering or interning at Camphill Special School can be an incredible experience filled with new relationships and knowledge that will change you forever or a gateway to professional education that will enhance or create your career path.

Along the way you will enjoy tangible benefits:

  • Room and board
  • Monthly stipend
  • Health and driving insurance
  • Access to an automobile
  • Days off and vacation stipends
  • CPR and lifeguard training
  • Debt-free higher education in the Camphill School of Curative Education & Social Therapy
  • For international applicants, administrative assistance with visas
  • AmeriCorps Education Awards for eligible American students

And intangible rewards:

  • Living, working, and learning amidst ethnic and cultural diversity
  • Forming lifelong relationships
  • Giving of yourself but receiving much more in return
  • Proximity to Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., and New York

What is the difference between a

volunteer and an intern?

Volunteers often have no specific agenda in coming to Camphill Special School other than to “work with children,” enjoy a “gap year experience,” or  “help people in a community setting.”  Nevertheless, they are committed and motivated and often find themselves wanting to take advantage of the educational possibilities offered in our Camphill School of Curative Education & Social Therapy, stay for longer than the eleven-month commitment, and many times discover new career opportunities they might not have imagined prior to volunteering.

Interns often are currently enrolled in, or have just completed, a post-secondary program in related fields such as education, special education, social work, or psychology and are seeking on-the-job experience in an environment of professional excellence. Eligible to craft a more customized Camphill Special School volunteer experience, interns also are afforded the benefit of an experienced mentor. Interns also may apply for admission to the Camphill School of Curative Education & Social Therapy.



New residential volunteers and interns attend orientation sessions before our students arrive.


All applications are processed via the Camphill Association of North America. When you visit the Association's website, please note that a more traditional label for volunteers and interns – “coworkers” - is used.

Click here to

apply online


or download the necessary forms and mail them to:

Residential Volunteer and Intern Admissions

Camphill Special School

1784 Fairview Road

Glenmoore, PA  19343

For more information email us or call 610.469.9236 x123.

Strong bonds form among our students, volunteers, and interns.



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