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The Transition Program at Beaver Farm

The Transition Program is a pre-vocational program designed for students ages eighteen

to twenty-one who have completed our twelfth grade. Located ten miles from Camphill Special School's main campus, it lies amidst beautiful rural countryside on a biodynamic farm bordering French Creek.


The Transition Program offers:

  • Pre-vocational experiences
  • Opportunities to learn life skills in a life sharing community setting
  • Academic support and therapies
  • An outreach program

The Transition Program guides students, through community work and living, from school into adult life. Our vision is to provide a safe place and an encouraging environment for students to explore this transition.


Students, staff, volunteers, and interns operate a biodynamic farm

Biodynamic agriculture is a method of organic farming based on anthroposophical principles developed by Rudolf Steiner. Long before more recent interest in organic farming and healthier food, in the 1920’s Steiner believed that the burgeoning use of chemical (or artificial) fertilizers and pesticides was harmful to soil, plants, animals, and consequently, to food.

Biodynamics is a holistic system that works to bring about healing and balance to soil, with the goal of producing healthier plants and animals. No artificial or chemical pesticides or herbicides are used.

Currently, Beaver Farm produces all the beef, pork, chicken, and eggs needed by Camphill Special School!


Volunteering or interning at Beaver Farm

Residential volunteers and interns are needed and welcomed in The Transition Program! If you see envision yourself driving a tractor, caring for livestock, or tending an herb garden, all while assisting young people in their journey to adulthood, the Transition Program is for you.


Learn more about volunteering or interning at Beaver Farm.


The Transition Program at Beaver Farm is featured in Exceptional Parent Magazine. Click here to read the article.





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