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Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy is part of a student’s educational program that helps with posture, balance, and safe independent mobility. Physical Therapy’s goal is to enable each student to move to the best of his or her ability and experience movement. Students are seen on a consultative basis, where the therapist works with the teachers and staff to ensure that movement and strengthening are part of the student’s daily routine. Some students also are seen individually in more concentrated sessions to work on range of motion, strength, coordination, and mobility.


Camphill Special School offers a variety of massages that coincide with and complement students’ other therapies.

Rhythmical Massage is a gentle, harmonizing massage that helps awaken the self-healing forces within each individual. This massage is especially beneficial for helping individuals feel centered and well in their bodies.

Swedish Massage seeks to bring balance to the physical body and emotional life through the means of touch. Massage movements range from gentle stroking to deep kneading based on the needs of the child.


Therapeutic Baths

Therapeutic baths address the body’s largest perceptive organ, the skin, and enable the possibility of stepping out of the daily demands of life into a warm, gentle, and protective environment. Bath water is enhanced with a therapeutic substance, typically an essential oil, which is chosen on an individual basis.

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