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Family Meals
Houseparents and their children, eat together with students,volunteers, and interns.

Every residential student at Camphill Special School joins his or her School family three times a day for meals and social interaction, while day students share midday meals with their School families. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are eaten around large tables with house parents and other coworkers, conversations flow, information is exchanged, manners are learned, responsibilities are fulfilled, and celebrations are enjoyed.

Cloth napkins and napkin rings, china and glassware, fresh flowers, beautiful colors, large windows and artwork, pianos and fireplaces… Camphill Special School houses are true homes, not institutional dormitories.

Everyone has a job to do, too, and the same patterns of predictability and regularity that our classrooms provide enable children to thrive and succeed.

A nutritious diet, high in whole grain foods and fresh, organic vegetables is emphasized for everyone at Camphill Special School, and children often help to produce the food they eat. Special dietary needs can be accommodated. Preventive health care is an important part of home life, too; some children need special baths or massages or the extra protection of warm clothing and natural fibers. If a student becomes ill, the house parents, nurse, and doctor all work together in caring for the child.

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