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Camphill Special School admits students to both day and residential programs. The application procedure includes completion of our admissions application, a review of the student’s Individual Education Plan (IEP), educational evaluations, transcripts, and other pertinent records, and a personal visit and interview.

Most students are admitted in September, although additional admissions may be made throughout the year if openings become available.

Acceptance by the Admission Group is conditional on a mutually agreeable funding plan. Limited financial aid is available. All admissions are subject to periodic review and most students remain with us through age eighteen. Admission to The Transition Program is based on application during the twelfth grade year.

Camphill Special School does not discriminate on the basis of race, age, color, creed, gender, sexual orientation, national or ethnic origin, or disability. The school is accredited by the Association of Waldorf Schools on North America (AWSNA), the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools Commissions on Elementary and Secondary Schools, and the National Council for Private School Accreditation.

Camphill Special School is licensed by the Pennsylvania Departments of Education and Public Welfare.

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